Thanks – March 25th 2012

Peniel Baptist Church celebrated 7 years at its location at Santa Cruz 2D, Aruba in January 2012. What a blessing! I want to say “Thanks” to all who have prayed, supported, and encouraged this ministry. You have all made this a blessing, indeed!

For the January 2012 Peniel celebrations, we had my Pastor, Dr. David Fannin (Houston TX) and his wife with us; we also had Pastor Jose Colchado (Trujillo, Peru) and his wife with us. Several Pastors on Aruba along with other saints, families, and friends attended the celebrations. What a blessing, indeed! Praise the LORD!

During the month, we also had the privilege to ordain Harold Esquivel into the Gospel Ministry. Pastor Harold, his wife and son are continuing to serve at Peniel. Pastor Harold’s mother, Carmen Rosa from Peru, was also present to witness the ordination of her son.

My wife and I are truly grateful for all who worked so hard to make the celebrations such a success and blessing! We continue to rejoice in what the Lord Jesus has done! We are so blessed to see the hand of God working in and through the saints of God!

In Psalm 100, the Psalmist gives us a very good example of a heart filled and overflowing with thanks. Like the Psalmist:

  1. This thankful heart gives praise to God (vs.1) making a joyful noise to Yahweh! This is joy in spite of the circumstances.
  2. This thankful heart serves God (vs.2). This is serving the Lord (Yahweh) not out of compulsion or obligation or force! This serving involves expending considerable energy and intensity in serving God through others. This serving is with gladness, even in unfavorable circumstances! This thankful heart comes before the LORD’s presence with singing, Hallelujah!
  3. This thankful heart knows God (vs.3) as Yahweh, and as Elohim: the Covenant keeping God. Yes, God is Creator, the Shepherd who has his own pasture. This thankful heart knows that this Creator God is good and merciful (vs.5).
  4. This thankful heart gives Thanks to God (vs.4). The thankful heart acknowledges that he must enter into the gates of the lord’s presence with thanksgiving, coming with something to give! And oh, the joy of giving praise to God!

Thanks for being there, praying, helping, encouraging us in the work of the Lord!

We pray that you will all continue to pray for us as we serve the Lord! Thanks.

Pastor Cedric Charles